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Sheep Shearing


The weighing of sheep is one of the most important moments in popular calendar and it has received a special meaning having been transformed into a real pastoral holiday.
In a community the sheep are gathered before the first of May. But before this moment some important practical activities take place. The lambs are weaned then they are sheared by their owners and their ears are marked with tassels of colored wool or tiny tags so that they could be recognized by their owners.
Sheep need to be sheared so that they do not feel warm in the summer and so that milking should be easier. Also, the fact that they are free of wool makes their passing through shrubbery and difficult areas easier.
The gathered wool will be washed and processed so that it could be used in the manufacturing of different apparels or household objects. This custom has been handed down from generation to generation. These habits and customs also demonstrate the old age of shepherding.