Leisure Time

Business and Relaxation

For a business conversation or for some relaxation we invite you to our "Media Room" where you can read books and newspapers, play society games (rummy, monopoly, poker...) or you can just simply admire the sunset over the lake from the rocking chair of the balcony of the "media Room". Bike rides and the sauna are included in our "Pike's Lake" Pension offer.


Is an excellent option for sports anytime of the year and it is particularly popular during summer. With the practice, swimming helps modeling your body, improves your cardio and keeps you fit for physical effort.


Offering a sentiment of relaxation and freshness it can truly be considered an escape from our tumultuous daily routine. It also lends a good occasion to socialize and spend time with friends and family turning these moments into a calm and relaxing event.

Este un bun prilej sa socializati si sa petreceti timpul cu familia sau prietenii, facand din acest moment un eveniment placut intr-o atmosfera calma si relaxanta.


It is a relaxing and healthy sport the beneficial effects of which are well known and appreciated by the one who practices it..

With the bicycles that we offer for use to our clients they can ride both on and off road depending on their preferences.

Strolls in Fresh Country Air

Such walks represent a good opportunity to re-establish one's connections with nature. Generous in varied landscapes and colors laid out both to the eyes and the senses, "Pike's Lake" Natural Reservation entices those curious and brave to discover its beauties and secrets.


The green area in the pension's courtyard is fitted as playground for the young ones, a little paradise dedicated to childhood joys.