For breakfast, dinner and receptions or festive meals our coquette restaurant is there for you.

The large terrace offers an outstanding view over the lake and its natural reservation.

Our cuisine invites you to specialties of the most varied traditional Romanian dishes as well as to different fish platters. The natural ingredients are carefully chosen in order to satisfy the most exquisite palate.

The "hurut", an Armenian equivalent of the Romanian "tripe soup", would be the proof of an appreciated recipe which was carefully forsaken along many generations. The toil and the painstakingness with which the ingredients have been chosen and guarded over time give the honorable position to this culinary delicacy it occupies among many other different dishes. The dumplings that provide the consistency of a soup speak of the artful handiness that only very skilled cooks are endowed with. Skillfulness and patience are put to trial until the moment the wonderful dish is being served.

Our specialties bring into value the specifics of the place. The pike is the most hunted raptor both on the lake and in plates. The different fish platters offer you the possibility to choose from the white meat you love most: pike, trout, pike, perch and salmon. A plentiful meal may always start with a fish soup.

Well-known international dishes are the most requested ones: the German port steak with horse-radish sauce, chicken paprikash with dumplings or polenta, white bean stew with smoked meat. Locally, no other food compares with the Moldavian stew or the Transylvanian stew of Brasov. In the middle of nature everybody feels the taste of freedom at its best, so let us invite you to allow yourself lured by the savory outlaw pork scruff, specialty of the house.

Don't forget to leave room for the desert!

You may choose from dumplings with gem, crepes, deep fried flat bread, and the cake of the house or bird's milk.