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St. Mary – pilgrimage to Nicula Abbey


The Christians get ready to welcome one of their most important holiday which honors The Virgin Mary, mother of God and the Empress of the World. Here we find ourselves in the period of festing that precedes one of the most important Christian holidays: the Assumption. Every August 15th we celebrate the passing of Mary, mother of God..

The sacred books say that when Christ soared her mother up in the skies where he was, he sent an angel to prepare her. God’s harbinger was Archangel Gabriel, the one who gave her the news that she had been chosen to give birth to God’s only son., the Savior of the World.

Thousand of faithful people come to the Monastery of Nicula of Cluj county, which bears Mary as its patron saint. The faithful who come from all over the country pray to the wellknown icon capable of making wonders of the Virgin Mary, painted by master Luca of Iclod in 1681 and which attracts hundreds of thousand people from all over the world.

Traditions, Superstitions

  • On this holiday women give away water, honeycombs, grapes and plums. Early in the morning they pick flowers and place them on the icons so that they save the people of the house from illnesses and sorrows.

  • On this holiday pregnant women pray to the Mother of God to help then give birth without too much suffering and to have healthy children. From the Garden of Heavens, the Empress of the World protects everyone in need and suffering.

  • The shepherds descend their sheep from the mountains, men change their hats for caps, bathing in streams and rivers messed with deer urine is forbidden as well as is the rest in the porch or deck of the house.

  • On Assumption day girls would wear a certain plant which was attributed the power of bringing courtiers.

  • If around Assumption roses would flower, it was the sign of a long fall.

  • August the 15th was the inauguration day for the season of weddings which lasted until the beginning of the Christmas fest period.. This day the fall fairs were organized.

  • The period between the two St. Mary’s, St. Mary, the senior, on August 15th and St. Mary, the junior, on September 8th was considered the most appropriate for fall sowing.

  • Healing plants were gathered on this day.

  • During the St. Mary fest the girls sow their special costumes, worked all in white, for the pilgrimage that takes place on September 14 and 15 to monasteries that are dedicated to St. Mary.